Sunday, September 18, 2011

We're all in this together!!

They refer to themselves as MichaelAngela, symbolizing the archetypal balance of Divine Female and Male energy body. They have come together to promote peace, well being and unity!

Join them in their mission of a Mutual Alliance of "Quantum Thinking in a Quantum World."

Michael Weissenfluh & Angela Hartnett are the Co-Founders of Mutual Alliance

Michael Weissenfluh is a graduate of the Oregon Health Science University Advanced Paramedic Program and has 12 years of experience as an EMT along with being a military veteran. Michael spent 8 years in the U.S. Coast Guard driving motor lifeboats along the west coast. Mike spent 10 years as the owner of the Columbia River Day Spa. Michael is the Co-Founder of Mutual Alliance and the former Owner of the Columbia River Day Spa. His forte is creating beautiful spaces and gathering people to align with the vision. His love and compassion for people shines through everyday. The Columbia River Day Spa was voted #1 best day spa on the North Coast by the Oregonian and best spa by the Columbia River Business Journal reader’s choice awards.  Michael continues to expand his vision for peace and high vibrational living in his daily life. HI love for nature, animals and other human beings makes Mike a very special guy. He always tells people to "remember who you are!" 

Angela Hartnett, graduated from Christine’s Institute of Hair Design, in 1996. After 13+ years in the Cosmetology field, the spa field and Healing and Wellness held a special place in Angela’s heart. Angela trained for several years and in 2012 Angela became a certified Reiki Master. She believes whole heartily in the energy of  universal energy! Her spiritual journey has allowed her a great deal of inspiration. She is in  the process of authoring two books. Angela is also a Professional Promotional Marketing Model. is the Co-Founder of Mutual Alliance with her fiance Michael. As a Toastmaster and Community Leader Angela holds a strong belief in living by the Golden Rule and giving back to the community through philanthropy. She believes it is important to not only give your time and money to good causes but to give good will and good cheer everyday! Angela is the Creator of Vision Alliance Consulting, a promotional and marketing venture, Angela assists the emergence of people's dreams via social media. She creates website and flyers for business owners and has built up a client list working with several healers and organic gardeners on a regular basis. Angela was the Spa Coordinator and Manager of the Columbia River Day Spa for three years. She oversaw daily operations and was the Creative Director and Spa Director of Elements by the Sea, a Resort Spa in Cannon Beach, OR. Her role with Mutual Alliance is to oversee event coordinating, "Wellness Weekends", advertising via radio commercials, newspapers, all social media, email and websites, payroll, healing and energy treatment scheduling, spa packages, networking throughout the community and much more. 

Michael & Angela had begun a radio talk show in 2011. They are  being guided to become a part of a Sustainable Living culture. They have a passion for gardening, clean water and clean air as well as a desire to promote a earth based - spiritual lifestyle connecting to universal energy via ceremony and ritual. Michael & Angela believe we must get away from our current lifestyle and connect to the Earth.  We must do away with current belief systems and transform ourselves into a more humane society working together in self sustaining and renewable communities. We must educate and raise awareness about free energy. Michael & Angela are interested in likewise promoting the raising and awareness about "female energy" and a more matriarchal way of raising consciousness through the arts, planting gardens and learning to work with nature.We must raise the female energy to a more balanced state with the dominating "male energy" that has been devouring the planet.